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Your Israel Journey


First thing's first: I customize every itinerary in order to give you the experience of your lifetime.  However, in order to help you understand your options, click here to see sample itineraries that include some of my favorite sites in the country.  I hope these descriptions will help give you an idea of the types of places and activities we can include in your personal itinerary.  Some are off the beaten path, others are visible from the beaten path, and still others are on the beaten path, but generally go unnoticed.  Whether you're old or young, love archaeology or food (and the two are certainly not mutually exclusive), are an active hiker or have a physical disability, prefer the desert or the forests,  Israel has amazing treasures just waiting for you.  For my part, it would be an honor to help you explore this amazing land. 



Contact Matityahu

To begin creating your customized Israel journey, please tell me a little about yourself, the size of your group, if you've ever been to Israel before, and what type of places/things you are looking to visit/do while in Israel. 






Thank you for your interest! I look forward to being in touch with you soon.

Call Matityahu:


Israeli Number: 050-235-8983


U.S. Number: 470-809-9628



Email Matityahu: 



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